Monday, March 29, 2010

Hotbuys - April 2010

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Stardoll released the pic of the new april hbs! So here they are!

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1. Hotbuys Shorts - 1st April.
2. Hotbuys Silk Dress - 3rd April.
3. Hotbuys Dress - 6th April.
4. Hotbuys Purse - 8th April.
5. Hotbuys Swimsuit - 10th April.
6. Hotbuys Skirt - 13th April.
7. Hotbuys Shoe - 15th April.
8. Hotbuys Shirt - 16th April.
9. Hotbuys Dress (as seen on doll) - 19th April.
10. Hotbuys Bow Belt - 22nd April.

I think these are not the best hbs I've seen. What's wrong with that dress the model is wearing?! But I love the marc jacob shoes and the purse.
By the way, if you see them on the site, you'll notice that the release dates say 'march' instead of april :p

xo Lola

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