Monday, May 31, 2010

News and More.!

Hello all. I Am making a new banner for myself VERY Soon.!I Have some things i wanna share with you all, Comments are great!(Click to enlarge unless big enough) this is called Bubble Pop Bubble Gum!, With Different Variety's of Pinks.!
Now to the Bigger and Better news. A Penthouse for our suite! Only for SS Of Course. !
But this will be great, i Really will LOVE this room!. and i am guessing new furniture will come too.!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chanel Collection 2010 on stardoll?!

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Hey Guys

I'm so excited! Stardoll is releasing clothes from the Chanel 2010 line! Will it be a new brand + shop? or a new collection for descades? or will it be something like LE or Antidote?

Credits go to Underneathstardoll for the pictures.

What do you think about the clothes? I think they are wonderfull and a good replacer for the brand DKNY.

love, lois

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hotbuys - June 2010

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Hello !

Here are the HBS for June:

I adore them all! There isn't one I don't like. I love the necklace and bag.

1. Hotbuys Lace Top - 4th June2. Hotbuys Purse - 6th June
3. Hotbuys Bikini - 8th June
4. Hotbuys Skirt - 12th June
5. Hotbuys Denim Dress - 14th June
6. Hotbuys Coat - 16th June
7. Hotbuys Shoes - 18th June
8. Hotbuys Necklace - 20th June9. Hotbuys Shorts - 24th June
10. Hotbuys Top - 28th June

Which ones do you like/dislike?

xo- Lois

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shayans Makeover


i Made a makeover for shayan, (cooldeer123) We are now very close friends. and we were talking about makeup and everything, and i went to his medoll editor, and found greens, and im loving green at the moment, so i came up with this everything i used is circled!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi, dollies!!

Stardoll has released brand new styled outfits so that means it's time for my brand new post! :) This ones are called "Airborn Edge" styled outfits and this time Stardoll magazine didn't publish any comment regarding them. Because of that you can see the pics right away and then read what I think... ;)

I have to say I'm not that big fan of this styled outfits... Most of the accessories and some shoes are old stuff and I don't like that. :S Also, I don't like that most stuff are in some grey color, it's spring! clothes should be colorful and fun!! That's why I like that colorful dress on the last picture; it's fun and girly and with that asimetrycal upper top just looks GREAT!! :) I also like that beige look next to the dress (on the last picture): that top with ruffles is just sooo adorable and I love thise simple flats with laces. :) Only think I don't like is that HB belt... I also like the red cropped jacket (picture 2) and I guess the grey dress underneath it looks ok. :P other stuff aren't nice, at least not to me. The grey dress from the first picture doesn't have normal shape and I hate those brown shoes with black socks from the 2nd picture! :S They are really ugly! looks from picture 3 look like they are for some boring and strict maths teacher and that's not the look I want to have... :S And what's up with that ultra-sequined outfit from the 2nd picture?! :S

That's my opinion and what's yours?

Love, Martina

._.lola._. on usd :O

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Just a quickie today.

I checked usd (underneath stardoll) today and they have chosen 44nicole44 to show her talent! And that is: making magazines in her album. And on the cover is: ._.lola._. so was very suprised to see my medoll on usd :D Check it out:


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss Sixty store is OUT!

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first, Elle will leave forever รถ Stardoll send us a dollmail.

second: the new collection of Miss Sixty is out. And it's NOT CHEAP. The prices are between 12 and 22!

Oh, and Stardoll get 10% of what you sell at you starbazar ... hmmm
I think they want us to spend more real money... and that's stupid

- lois

Prices Went up!

Hello again :) Sorry for not posting in what seems like a million years o.O
I have been hanging out with a very creative crowd recently on stardoll (Mysecketlover, Findurlove, Shake-Something) They work their clothes and makeup like its an art form, So I thought I might show you a makeup inspired by that ♥

This makeup looks somewhat strange, but for afar it looks stunning, well at least that's what I think :S
For the eyes I only lined the outer-corners, to make it look sexier than just full on black for half the eye. As you can see for the eyebrows I only did a bit of black on the lower part of the eyebrow, this will make it darker without making it look awkward.
The lips look very edgy, but from far they look like a stain. So its just a rush of colour, not the whole thing :)

Hope you lurveee it :)

Until nest time...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spoilers for miss sixty!

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These clothes are from the new collection of miss sixty, which means this brand stays a little longer on Stardoll:

I like the lilac and green peeptoes on the last picture. I think the black pants and the Harem jeans will look nice on your doll. I don't like any of the tops :|

What do you think?

xo - lois

Elle on Sale!

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Elle is on sale now:

50% off... I think this store will leave too :| And I don't like that :|

What do you think?

xo Lois

Friday, May 14, 2010

Liquid Cool Styled Outfits

Hi, dollies!!

2 days ago, Stardoll released brand new styled outfits (which I kinda expected after seeing some very cool spoilers) called Liquid Cool styled outfits. I really like the name and their theme because they remind me just how close summer is and I can't wait for that!! :)
Like usual in my posts, first read quote about them from the magazine, take a look at the screen shots and read what I think! :)

"Liquid Cool features aqueous prints and some gorgeous oceanic shades: including sea foam green, wavetop turquoise, bold royals and seashore sand. You'll clearly maintain your cool in these liquid proportions - with flowing lines, maxi dresses, chiffon layered gowns, all sheer and soft and truly fluid."

First af all, I totally love the fact that most of the stuff are in blue color since I really LOVE blue!! :) Next, I'm soooo happy that they brought back that Union Print Chanel bag because I was dying to buy her for sooooo long!! Other stuff I like are those two beautiful Emilio Pucci dresses (picture 1), I love nerds T-shirt (picture 3) and that long blue printed dress (picture 4). :) I really think those stuff are great and I can't wait for them to come on sale (althoght that'll take some time since they just got in Starplaza) so I can buy for some normal price. ;) Stuff I don't like are the ones on picture 2 (they are too dark and not so stylish for me), sand heels from picture 1 (I really don't like how they look, ugly!!) and that printed thing from last picture (I even can't say what that is!!)... :S Stuff that I don't know what to think about are blue kitten heels (picture 2) and blue sparkling dress (picture 3). I guess they look cute and nice but I don't know if I could combine them with something...

Well, that's just my humble opinion. :P What do you think about them?

Love, Martina

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makeup look :Miley Cyrus

Hello Lovleys! Process on the magazine is Coming along well. :)
i Did delete everything.. so now im starting over.
Today i was watching miley cyrus's "Cant be Tamed" Video.
Very very Tasteful! i Loved it.
and i Created a makeup look. i forgot to include the makeupp!Woo there it is. :D i Think i did pretty well.. Comment if you like it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspired Dress

Okay so i found something :P It's either givenchy or vesache. ! and its inspired by fergie's Grammy's 2010 dress.
shoes and dress ! woo hoo! .
thats all for me today..
have a good day byee!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sorry & More.

I'm So Sorry i havnt been posting.
Its just been Hectic.
I Will be posting ALOT ALOT more in June and the End of MAY :D
Amy Claire was released and I LOVE The collection and the new Stardesign clothes. :D
i Designed a white and teal dress.
So i got a Laugh when i Was Searching Bazarr One Day :)
It Said Eyes !! I Was Soo Tickled By that!
I Gave Sophi. (My Vintage Sister) a Makeover. Everything i used is circled. :)
She is not really my sister but we say it that way! :D
Also i thought this looked realistic so i called it the realistic makeover.
And thats what i bought a while back in bazzar. ! :) i loved the clothes.

And does stardoll NOW Care? i got this from my friend. i did Not Screen print this! they did.
and i just got a giggle out of this. Now they are talking about "Be Careful Not to do this as part of a scam to steal your account" Do they now care? it never said that before.

AmyClaire store is out!

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Lot's of the same clothes as before but different colours. I'm not a fan of the egg-yellow things :|

Before you buy the yellow long dress, check out stardesign, you can desing the exactly same dress for 11 stardollars, which is 5 stardollars cheaper!!!

Thanks to underneath stardoll and nj0ystardoll for this.

- Lois

DKNY Philosohpy and Vivienne Tam: Bon Voyage!

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You probbably have seen in in your dollmail: Philosophy will leave stardoll too :/

They are making 'room' for new brands. I hope they will be just as good as DKNY and co.

Philosophy is on sale now 50% off, so now's the chance to buy everything you want!

- Lois

I'm sorry...

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Well, as you guys noticed the blog's not that active anymore. I'm not posting much because I think no one's reading it, except for the writers :/
I don't delete the blog, but I'll post rarely in the future, just because I'm tired of make printscreens and posts for nothing.

Love, Lois