Friday, May 14, 2010

Liquid Cool Styled Outfits

Hi, dollies!!

2 days ago, Stardoll released brand new styled outfits (which I kinda expected after seeing some very cool spoilers) called Liquid Cool styled outfits. I really like the name and their theme because they remind me just how close summer is and I can't wait for that!! :)
Like usual in my posts, first read quote about them from the magazine, take a look at the screen shots and read what I think! :)

"Liquid Cool features aqueous prints and some gorgeous oceanic shades: including sea foam green, wavetop turquoise, bold royals and seashore sand. You'll clearly maintain your cool in these liquid proportions - with flowing lines, maxi dresses, chiffon layered gowns, all sheer and soft and truly fluid."

First af all, I totally love the fact that most of the stuff are in blue color since I really LOVE blue!! :) Next, I'm soooo happy that they brought back that Union Print Chanel bag because I was dying to buy her for sooooo long!! Other stuff I like are those two beautiful Emilio Pucci dresses (picture 1), I love nerds T-shirt (picture 3) and that long blue printed dress (picture 4). :) I really think those stuff are great and I can't wait for them to come on sale (althoght that'll take some time since they just got in Starplaza) so I can buy for some normal price. ;) Stuff I don't like are the ones on picture 2 (they are too dark and not so stylish for me), sand heels from picture 1 (I really don't like how they look, ugly!!) and that printed thing from last picture (I even can't say what that is!!)... :S Stuff that I don't know what to think about are blue kitten heels (picture 2) and blue sparkling dress (picture 3). I guess they look cute and nice but I don't know if I could combine them with something...

Well, that's just my humble opinion. :P What do you think about them?

Love, Martina

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