Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello again :) Sorry for not posting in what seems like a million years o.O
I have been hanging out with a very creative crowd recently on stardoll (Mysecketlover, Findurlove, Shake-Something) They work their clothes and makeup like its an art form, So I thought I might show you a makeup inspired by that ♥

This makeup looks somewhat strange, but for afar it looks stunning, well at least that's what I think :S
For the eyes I only lined the outer-corners, to make it look sexier than just full on black for half the eye. As you can see for the eyebrows I only did a bit of black on the lower part of the eyebrow, this will make it darker without making it look awkward.
The lips look very edgy, but from far they look like a stain. So its just a rush of colour, not the whole thing :)

Hope you lurveee it :)

Until nest time...

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