Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sorry & More.

I'm So Sorry i havnt been posting.
Its just been Hectic.
I Will be posting ALOT ALOT more in June and the End of MAY :D
Amy Claire was released and I LOVE The collection and the new Stardesign clothes. :D
i Designed a white and teal dress.
So i got a Laugh when i Was Searching Bazarr One Day :)
It Said Eyes !! I Was Soo Tickled By that!
I Gave Sophi. (My Vintage Sister) a Makeover. Everything i used is circled. :)
She is not really my sister but we say it that way! :D
Also i thought this looked realistic so i called it the realistic makeover.
And thats what i bought a while back in bazzar. ! :) i loved the clothes.

And does stardoll NOW Care? i got this from my friend. i did Not Screen print this! they did.
and i just got a giggle out of this. Now they are talking about "Be Careful Not to do this as part of a scam to steal your account" Do they now care? it never said that before.

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