Friday, May 7, 2010

Metal Concentration Styled Outfits

Hi, dollies!!

I got a fabulous laptop (actually my brother got it but I consider it to be mine as well... :P) so that means I can come here often and post all the time about new styled outfits that come out to Starplaza!! ;)Two days ago, Stardoll magazine published brand new styled outfits called "Metal Concentration". It seems like all Lady Gaga fans should love them 'cause I think there will be some of her clothes in it... ;) Here's the quote from the magazine, take a look at some photos (only one is from Starplaza because some cllothes still aren't out but I also included pics from the magazine) and then hear (well, read) what I think!

"The science of fashion has a magnetic Metal Concentration this week, with rough gilding, strong shoulders and gorgeous metallics shining bright. Inspired by designers like Colette Dinigan and Christophe Decarnin at Balmain - with tough-chic lamé and body-skimming looks—these trendsetting metal touches, will concentrate all attention on you!"

I'm not sure what to think about this outfits... They look cool 'cause they are full of sequins but they are quite rock like and with strange designs... I don't like the girl outfit from the first photo because none of that is my style but I have to say that I like the gold sequined dress from the third photo and I think I like the yellow dress from the second photo. :) I'll have to wait and see how it looks like when it comes out before I decide if i'll buy itor not. ;) That bodysuit on the second photo is from Lady Gaga's fashion line (she wore it herself) but like I said, I would never wear anything like that 'cause it's not my style. Also, I think that part of this outfits will definitely be the Armani Prive dress worn by Lady Gaga at the Grammys this year. It's on the new items list (called Glitter orbit dress) but I think it will definitely be part of this outfits! ;) Here's my doll in that dress so you can see it (I paired with cork heels because they reminded me a lot on the shoes she wore with the dress...) :

What do you think about the outfits and the dress?

Love, Martina

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