Friday, June 25, 2010

On Fire Styled Outfits

Hi, dollies!!

I apologize for a bit late post on these outfits but they popped out in the middle of my school's last week so I couldn't make a good post about them... :S But now my school is over and there are a lot of outfits in Starplaza so it's perfect time for my post!! :) Enjoy!! ;)

"On Fire with the spirit of Valentino firmly present and further inspiration from labels like Missoni and Tibi this collection is on fire with flora and fauna prints ... in shades of yellow, dark violet, blood red, and bright blue -- the rainbow of fiery shades you can see dancing inside a closely observed flame ..."

Only things I like are those dresses and HB shoes which are gorgeous!! :) Other stuff like shoes, tattoos and glasses aren't anything I would buy...
To be honest, I don't like anything from this 2 outfits except the bag, the HB necklace and both pairs of shoes. :)
I like both dresses, Chanel purse and black bracelets. Both pairs of shoes are totally ugly and that bag not only that it isn't anything special but it's super expensive... :S
Totally ugly outfits! :S Only thing I like is the tank in the second doll under that black blazer.
These outfits are actually nice. :) On the first one I adore everything (that royal blue dress is AMAZING) except the glasses and on the second one I like the platforms and I guess the dress is ok... ;)
I don't like these outfits because there are just too many prints and colors in my opinion... I guess the second dress could work but the first outfit is way over the top with colors and prints. :P I like the printed bag a lot. :)

Tell me in the comments your opinion!!

Love, Martina

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WTF happend?

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Okay, stardoll said Bon Voyage to alot of good brands, and now new shops are popping up! Diane von Frustenberg, Chanel, new LE, le Specs, splash swimwear, cavalli and the new collection of miss sixty plus new collection of Stylein. And that in less than two weeks!
The prices are very high, 20 stardollars for a pair of glasses....
I think it's to crazy, maybe it's just a way to let people spend more money because it's 'limited'. Most of the things like Stylein, Chanel and LE are availble for a short time.
I don't have that much fun on stardoll as before, it's going to be more and more expansive to be ss, and if you are non-ss, than what could you do there?

please tell me your opinion about this (:

x Lois

Monday, June 14, 2010

Water Supply styled outfits

Hi, dollies!!

Few days ago Stardoll published brand new styled outfits in the Magazine. I don't know about you, but I think they are really making them very quick right? :P Just a week ago were those Where on earth ones... I had to wait for a while for at least 6 outfits to come to Starplaza before commenting them... Now when they are in Starplaza, I'm free to comment... ;) Enjoy!! :)

"Water seeks its own level in this week's collection and you'll be simply poured into luminescent fabrics with curviform cutting made to look like the crashing waves upon the shore. Inspired by the inventiveness of labels like Bernhard Willhelm, Alexandre Herchovitch and Proenza Schouler this Water Supply is loud in design, extreme in cut and confident in color. The art of supplying water has never looked so stylish."

So, I'm bringing a new way of commenting for styled outfits. I'll comment each picture by itself and tell what I like and what I don't... :P

I don't like anything from those 2 outfits except the HB bag which is fabulous but a bit pricey... :P
I like both dresses because the print on the first one is fabulous and the color on the second one is so royal-like. :) I also really like the white bag (although I'm not sure how it fits with the dress) and the multi-colored clutch.
Only thing I like is that blue sequined top. :)
I love everything except the shoes and sunglasses on the other doll. First sunglassesare funky and cool but other ones are a bit weird to be... :P And the shoes are just over the top in my opinion...
I like the dark blue dress (it's simply FABULOUS!!) andboth pairs of sunglasses. Other stuff are ugly, especially those Dino purses! Who would buy them?! :S

Well, that's my (humple) opinion, what's yours?

Love, Martina

Monday, June 7, 2010


LE SPECS AND LE ARE OUT. Lois and i Posted at the Same exact Time! Good timing lois!
haha :) I'm waiting on the REST of the LE, like the necklaces.!



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Shop's here, but very much LE pieces are still missing. Besides the price tags are very low (35 for shoes, and 85 for a dress)

where is the rest รถ


It's coming :D

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Can't wait... some pieces are just awesome, need to get my hands om them (:


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lipscrub & Update

Hello All, This is Not Stardoll related, Much, But i have a Good tutorial for Your Lips. and Decided to Share it with EVERYONE. ! I Love the Ingredients. They are VERY VERY Tasty! ;)

Here are the Ingredients:
1 Teaspoon Of Sugar.
2 Tablespoons Of Honey.
And a Squirt or Dot of Vaseline. !

And Stir It up With a Toothpick or a Chopstick, I Do not Recommend a Spoon!.
This Portion Should Last a Week or so.

This is What your Finished Product SHOULD look like. :
And You Should Use a Little Bowel Like that. And It Tastes Good on your Lips, But Dont Lick it or Eat it off your Lips.!
Remove this Off your lips after a few minutes or seconds after it was applied Good, Remove it with a Warm Washcloth or Towell, or Napkin. or Paper Towel , :)

I hope you enjoyed this lip tutorial. and i'm sorry thats its not Stardoll related , theres not much news, except the new LE Collection coming Monday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Where on Earth styled outfits

Hi, dollies!!

Stardoll released new styled outfits few days ago and that means it's time for my new post!! :) I waited a while to get more outfits in the Starplaza before writing the post. Now there are 6 of them and I think that's enough for me... ;)
I like these outfits becasue they are Earth inspired and I like that Stardoll is promoting that kind of clothes... :) Like always, first read the quote, see the pics and then read what I think. ;)

"Where On Earth has this collection been all our lives - working with easier volumes and beautifully loosened up silhouettes. A palette of mushroom, dusty pinks, leafy shades and earth tones provide a baseline that ties it all together. Inspired by labels like Pucci and Marni it also feels romantic with printed blouses, halternecks and longer skirts, perfect looks in which to breeze around this beautiful planet of ours."

Once again, I really like the outfits this time and I like the colors that are used in them... :) Although I have to say that first two outfits aren't that special because that's not my style but I totally love the other 4 outfits!! :) My favourite is the second one of the second photo since it's whole Burberry outfit and Burberry is one of my favorites!!! :) Actually, shoes and bag aren't Burberry but I love both of them, too. :) I think that all clothes are nice and cool but only think I really hate and I think it's totally ugly are those Metal Plate jeans on the last picture: I don't know who would buy those jeans! They are UGLY!!!! :S But I really like the metall linen shift dress on the last picture, it's fabulous!! :) But again I really hate that from accessories there are only old ones, would it kill Stardoll if he gives us some new?!

What do you think about this looks?

Love, Martina


Helllo ALL!. today i made a fun little penthouse view. Um, the background changes .
and here it is. :)this was the "daylight" thanks to Japan. :)
this was mid mid midnight thanks to morocco. :)and night thanks to Haiti <3

i Hope you enjoyed this. and this penthouse was 149$.
And also. The New DOT Was released and is Not my favorite.
And CHANEL was released, its too high priced. and i finished PART one of the "Summer gift meter" and Dianne Von F Will be released SOON. !!! Keep your eyes PEALED. it might have a glitch with the prices. and Also, An LE Belt mail will PROBABLY pop up for NON SS that WERE SS. !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dot and Chanel are out!

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Finally dot is released after they showed up in the spoilers two weeks ago. I kinda like it, because of the weird colourlipsticks, but I hope stardoll is going to make another brand of make-up the next time, something like sephora, mac or rimmel.
However, at this moment, you can find the new make-up in the new-section, but not in the shop yet.

Chanel was released yesterday. A beautiful collection but very pricey. I bought one dress and I think when I get my money I will buy more. It's only availible from 2th of june to 30th of june.
EDIT: probbably there was a glitch with the prices! There were some pieces from 12 stardollars, but stardoll made them 30 now,

love Lois

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hm. My thoughts.

Just another Quick Post, i Dont know, but all these Brazil/Portugal People are Visiting me!.
I Kinda think i won Brazil/Portugal CG.

I Dont know.