Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dot and Chanel are out!

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Finally dot is released after they showed up in the spoilers two weeks ago. I kinda like it, because of the weird colourlipsticks, but I hope stardoll is going to make another brand of make-up the next time, something like sephora, mac or rimmel.
However, at this moment, you can find the new make-up in the new-section, but not in the shop yet.

Chanel was released yesterday. A beautiful collection but very pricey. I bought one dress and I think when I get my money I will buy more. It's only availible from 2th of june to 30th of june.
EDIT: probbably there was a glitch with the prices! There were some pieces from 12 stardollars, but stardoll made them 30 now,

love Lois

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