Monday, June 14, 2010

Water Supply styled outfits

Hi, dollies!!

Few days ago Stardoll published brand new styled outfits in the Magazine. I don't know about you, but I think they are really making them very quick right? :P Just a week ago were those Where on earth ones... I had to wait for a while for at least 6 outfits to come to Starplaza before commenting them... Now when they are in Starplaza, I'm free to comment... ;) Enjoy!! :)

"Water seeks its own level in this week's collection and you'll be simply poured into luminescent fabrics with curviform cutting made to look like the crashing waves upon the shore. Inspired by the inventiveness of labels like Bernhard Willhelm, Alexandre Herchovitch and Proenza Schouler this Water Supply is loud in design, extreme in cut and confident in color. The art of supplying water has never looked so stylish."

So, I'm bringing a new way of commenting for styled outfits. I'll comment each picture by itself and tell what I like and what I don't... :P

I don't like anything from those 2 outfits except the HB bag which is fabulous but a bit pricey... :P
I like both dresses because the print on the first one is fabulous and the color on the second one is so royal-like. :) I also really like the white bag (although I'm not sure how it fits with the dress) and the multi-colored clutch.
Only thing I like is that blue sequined top. :)
I love everything except the shoes and sunglasses on the other doll. First sunglassesare funky and cool but other ones are a bit weird to be... :P And the shoes are just over the top in my opinion...
I like the dark blue dress (it's simply FABULOUS!!) andboth pairs of sunglasses. Other stuff are ugly, especially those Dino purses! Who would buy them?! :S

Well, that's my (humple) opinion, what's yours?

Love, Martina

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