Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WTF happend?

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Okay, stardoll said Bon Voyage to alot of good brands, and now new shops are popping up! Diane von Frustenberg, Chanel, new LE, le Specs, splash swimwear, cavalli and the new collection of miss sixty plus new collection of Stylein. And that in less than two weeks!
The prices are very high, 20 stardollars for a pair of glasses....
I think it's to crazy, maybe it's just a way to let people spend more money because it's 'limited'. Most of the things like Stylein, Chanel and LE are availble for a short time.
I don't have that much fun on stardoll as before, it's going to be more and more expansive to be ss, and if you are non-ss, than what could you do there?

please tell me your opinion about this (:

x Lois

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