Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lipscrub & Update

Hello All, This is Not Stardoll related, Much, But i have a Good tutorial for Your Lips. and Decided to Share it with EVERYONE. ! I Love the Ingredients. They are VERY VERY Tasty! ;)

Here are the Ingredients:
1 Teaspoon Of Sugar.
2 Tablespoons Of Honey.
And a Squirt or Dot of Vaseline. !

And Stir It up With a Toothpick or a Chopstick, I Do not Recommend a Spoon!.
This Portion Should Last a Week or so.

This is What your Finished Product SHOULD look like. :
And You Should Use a Little Bowel Like that. And It Tastes Good on your Lips, But Dont Lick it or Eat it off your Lips.!
Remove this Off your lips after a few minutes or seconds after it was applied Good, Remove it with a Warm Washcloth or Towell, or Napkin. or Paper Towel , :)

I hope you enjoyed this lip tutorial. and i'm sorry thats its not Stardoll related , theres not much news, except the new LE Collection coming Monday!


  1. I love it! We should postthings like this more often (: xxx

  2. Yes!!! I Made Green Tea Popcicles, And I Squirted Gel Stuff in them,and they are GREAT For your face! :) And eh , if you don't use the gel ,they make your face soft, and Good to eat!! :) !