Friday, June 4, 2010

Where on Earth styled outfits

Hi, dollies!!

Stardoll released new styled outfits few days ago and that means it's time for my new post!! :) I waited a while to get more outfits in the Starplaza before writing the post. Now there are 6 of them and I think that's enough for me... ;)
I like these outfits becasue they are Earth inspired and I like that Stardoll is promoting that kind of clothes... :) Like always, first read the quote, see the pics and then read what I think. ;)

"Where On Earth has this collection been all our lives - working with easier volumes and beautifully loosened up silhouettes. A palette of mushroom, dusty pinks, leafy shades and earth tones provide a baseline that ties it all together. Inspired by labels like Pucci and Marni it also feels romantic with printed blouses, halternecks and longer skirts, perfect looks in which to breeze around this beautiful planet of ours."

Once again, I really like the outfits this time and I like the colors that are used in them... :) Although I have to say that first two outfits aren't that special because that's not my style but I totally love the other 4 outfits!! :) My favourite is the second one of the second photo since it's whole Burberry outfit and Burberry is one of my favorites!!! :) Actually, shoes and bag aren't Burberry but I love both of them, too. :) I think that all clothes are nice and cool but only think I really hate and I think it's totally ugly are those Metal Plate jeans on the last picture: I don't know who would buy those jeans! They are UGLY!!!! :S But I really like the metall linen shift dress on the last picture, it's fabulous!! :) But again I really hate that from accessories there are only old ones, would it kill Stardoll if he gives us some new?!

What do you think about this looks?

Love, Martina

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