Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Antidote is out!

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The new antidote is out! But I really don't like this one. It's kinda childish in my opinion. But some pieces are cute! I bought some things, but mostly shoes and one dress and a necklace. I don't like the furni :/

The bags are kinda cute:

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And this is the stuff I bought:

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I love the headband thing (: it reminds me of bubblegum (which I love) and the shoes are cute. The dress is spring-ish.

Did you bought antidote? and do you like it?

- Lois ♥

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Found hacker and Makeup Tips.

Hello Lovely's! I Been Having trouble with Some People.
And Recently Found someone That Wanted to hack me... :(
Why me?
Yes thats what i thought exactly.
and Sorry if i havnt been writing, i just recently got back from a funeral.
but anyways lets get on with the posts. :-)
First the Person that wanted to hack me.
And Poor Her, She thinks No one will get her ....
Hmmm we all have a good amount of friends.
and i have about 5 pages... so i would love the evidence to go to sd staff.
you may think i sound so evil but do you know how kind this hacker was to send me screen shots? hmm kinda stupid in a way...!
And Now the Real stuff...
You know Yesterday's Covergirl correct? well i have found her in alot of pictures....
with a rather 50 pounds of makeup, this may make me sound really rude, and mean
but i'm not gonna lie about this, the blue would be really cute if she used only half the eye.
not the whole thing! and the blush in these pictures if ridiculous.
*cough cough clown makeup cough cough*
Sorry i dont like this makeup at all....
So i gave her a makeup and i did not include the makeup because she has like 6 pages of it.
but the makeover i did is way more professional.
I Did Professional Only because she has been covergirl , and now working towards other things

i Hope you enjoy ,...

Tip: Do not Clutter, Give a spash of color , But not like a walking rainbow/clown.
Give a bolder lip if older, or more professional , Give nude when working with bright colors.
Give red with white & black. alternate makeup and colors. Dont always look the same.
use your style not someone else's also use more then one color to look bold.

-Thats it for today and enjoy. good night :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

DKNY on sale!

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Hurry up! DKNY is for sale with 50% or more off! The prices are crazy LOW! 3 $ for shoes that were 15$! Or a shirt for $4 that was 14$!
If I knew that before, I waited with buy my DKNY stuuf. I paid like 27 for a jumpsuite that's know $7 รถ

All the bags are $5, and the shoes $3, so take your change! You problably can sell them later for a lot of money in the starbazaar (:

- Lois ♪

Sorry i Took so Long but Here it all is!

Hello Lovelys! Sorry i Been Lacking,I'm Now Done with my Tests
Now i have time for more posting and here they all are! :The Laptop Is Gone.. Good thing i bought myne already.
And i made a new Look , I thought it was purttyy :) (pretty)
I love using my new 6000 starpoint hair!

And 3 outfits i created . and another one i created
and finally shayan's makeover! everything i used circled thats all!

Friday, April 23, 2010

make-up by ._.lola._.

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Hello again!

I made a make-up thing. It's a sort of Rocker Chick meets Sweet Girl or something xd Call it whatever you like.

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The hair idea is thought up by Shayan (cooldeer123) as in the blog banner.
The products with a circle are the products I used.

Make sure you add the shocking pink lipstick first and then the peach pink lipstick. So you'll get a perfect colour match with the eyeshadow.

- Lois ☺

Today I'm wearing...

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Hi everyone!

I made another outfit for you guys. I found those awesome heels in starplaza. I LOVE them! And the better thing is, they are 5 SD and non-ss!

Here's the ouftit:

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I wear a McQueen skirt with a dress on it. So I made this dress by layering. I know, the colours are not exactly the same, but who cares ;3

-Lois ♀

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hotbuys - May 2010

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The new HB'S! I think they're much better than the april HB'S! Here they are:

I love the shoes, rose top and the earrings. The ugliest thing is that awfull yellow t-shirt, but that's just my opinion.

What do you think about these HB's?

- Lois ♪

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Greener Pastures Styled Outfits

Hi, dollies!!

First of all, I'm soooooo sorry for not posting so long on the blog! The thing is that my computer is broken and I don't have a chance to write anywhere except in my library... :( I don't have time because of school, too... But now I'm in my library and I'll post my opinion aboute the latest styled outfits, the Greener Pastures Styled Outfits. :)
Like always, here is the SD quote about them first. After that take a look at the pics of the clothes and then read what I think. :)

"Time to head out to Greener Pastures in this week’s Styled Outfits. The focus is playful and upbeat, in fanciful, ruffled and tiered frocks. Inspired by labels like Moschino and designers such as Colette Dinnigan these looks are boldly colored, splashed with painterly florals and wittily vintage in their references. When you’re dressed in the Greener Pastures collection – we guarantee you’ll be outstanding in your field."

I have to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) They are soooooo colorful, full of fabulous prints and just PERFECT for spring that's here!!! I can't not love this clothes! :P Of course, I'm not that crazy about the prices but nothing is perfect, right?
My absolute favorites are: pink silk halter dress (picture 4), cherry printed tunic (picture 6), sky blue sandals (picture 4) and ribboned balzer (picture 6). Things I'm not crazy about are on pictures 1 and 2 'cause I think that the floral print is overdone on those items... I'll definitely have to buy myself most of the clothes here so I can't wait for that! :)
What did you think about this looks?
Martina, xxx
P.S. HUGE THANKS to Lois for putting up with me and my rare posts because of my broken computer and for the AMAZING NEW BANNER which I TOTALLY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

New Dot Line coming soon!

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Finally, there's a new Dot line coming. But some pieces are just old, like the orange shadestick. But I love the weird lipstickcolours, like light green, grey and yellow ♥

You can click on the picture to enlarge it.
Thanks to USD for the picture.

- Lois x

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look Like... Pixie Geldof!

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I'm sorry that the blog is not super active :/ Martina's computer is still broken. And I've been busy with school and my friends :/

But now the real thing:

I adore the jacket! I love pied-du-poule prints. Unfortunally stardoll hasn't got a similar jacket for sale in starplaza. So I went to : shops --> starbazaar. I love it! You can find all the cheap stuff there! I bought a very good look-a-like jacket for $20,- I don't know what the original price was. Here is how I wear the look-a-like outfit:

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If you can't find this jacket in the bazaar (which is very hard to find because it's old), the red DKNY jacket is a good jacket too, click here

I also made a printscreen of the make-up:

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The products with a circle are the products I used.

Hope you guys like it ♥

- Lois

Friday, April 16, 2010

Inspired and Outfits' : )

Hello Lovely's! :) Sorry i Havn't posted in a few days...
i Just Been Lazy Hehe :)
But i have a Few things i been Working on, Including,
Outfits and I Bought magazine's yesterday, And they Have inspired looks in there.
So i will include that in my sunday post or my monday.
But anyways. Here's my Outfits i Created.

i Won't be on much monday, i have this College Test on Monday and Wednesday i think!
That is a Chanel On the Go Look. :) I Just Loved the Colors And the Fabrics !
Okay so the second look Is Inspired by the First look i am wearing.
Because, It included The Heidi Klum Pants, and a Chanel Inspired Bag and Elle Shoes.
So i Made the Other One More Modern - ish :)
Here is the Second Look i Made :


So the Lipstick the Rose and the Outfit And the Hair dye Cost all together : 29$ , Pretty Cheap.
But its Very Cute, Kinda of a Spanish , Dancing with the Stars Look.
The Shoes are From Otto ! Top , I Just Searched Grey.
You Can use Whatever with this look but i just made it simple, and not breaking the bank! ;)

Well thanks y'all

Make-Up (seen by ._.lola._.)

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hello again!

I also made a make-up thingy from my medoll I'm having right now:

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The products with a circle are the products that I used to create this look. I love the the eyes with black and white ♥

- Lois ☺

1 person, 2 outfits!

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Sorry for not posting a day or two. I'm just very allergic to tree's, and because it's spring, well y'know, I'm catchting a cold :/ in the spring :/

But, here's the real thing, I love to make outfits, so I sneek-peeked between Nicole's (bay_watch11) clothes and made those outfits:

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They are kinda punkisch, bet hey, that's just my style (: I love the pink dress in combination with the HB dr. marten look-a-like boots.

- Lois ♥

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Essence Of A Brand 3: Voile

Hey again :) Today I have the third instalment in my essence of a brand series :)
This time I featured one o my favorite brands: Voile. They have very classy, elegant formal clothes ! So as you can see its pretty hard to make a "casual" look, the first one s instead a less dramatic formal dress :)

The first look is a very intresting combination, but what pulls it togather is that the pieces are in the same colour family and both feature draping and rouching :)
The second one is a head to toe VERY dramatic Versace outfit :) But I think I went overboard on the makeup :)

Until next time..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Really Stardoll?!

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You can only do this when you're ss (of course) and you only get 1 sd per item! And you only get 1 sd per day!

You'd better sell it at the starbazaar!

I tried some stupid free stuff, but you don't get 1 sd for those =.=

- Lois ♥