Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I'm wearing...

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First I wanted to say one of our writers has left the blog-team. I'm talking about April ( She has left the blog with no reason.
I'm looking for a new writer, so if you're intrested, please contact me by dollmail or in my guestbook.

But now the real post (:

Because stardoll's releasing more vintage touched clothes, I made a outfit with a skirt and top, which can be weared as a dress.

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The top is 5 stardollars and non-superstar the skirt 6 and only for superstars. I'm wearing it with 3 necklaces, a DKNY vest, stylein leggings and the free shoes from suprise-spring. The bag is a quilted one from candies and my hat is from miss sixty.

I like this outfit, because it's so black and grey, you can wear it with bright make-up. I painted my hair Lilac and I have neon pink eye-shadow.
I'll post my make-up later.

- Lois ♥

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