Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello Lovely's : )
I Have Alot of Things i am Posting here today! : ) Which makes this my
Favorite Post :)
I Created a New Banner for myself. :)
Same size which is great!!
I Had my Best Friend Moonlight9809 on stardoll give me a makeover and it is GREAT! :)
Heres what it looked like.

thank you so much this is so pretty. :)
i also created a makeover on someone.
and i put the makeup separate . Here that makeover is :

And this is the makeup i used. : things i used circled in BLUE !

I also Created a CYNDI LAUPER LOOK! : from her earlier days. And i forgot the makeup sorry

Now thats all that im posting today. Everyone have a GREAT WEEK!, and this is my dose of post's for tomorrow and today :)


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