Sunday, April 4, 2010

Look Like... Karen O!

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First; Happy Easter to y'all!

I came up with a new idea for the blog. If you see a celebrity you like, please tell me and I'll make some look a likes time by time. So, to start I chose for example Karen O. She is the singer of my favourite band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. ( I love the guitarist ♥)

This is my StardollVersion

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I used a white blush too, which you can find in the medoll editor.

I'm suprised how good she looks :p The mouth is almost the same as on the picture ^^

For the hair, I used Gaga glasses and a darkbrown braid (you can use black too). Because you can't see her eyebrows on the picture, it was nessecary to put some stuff on her haid to make the same hairstyle.

Tell me what you dislike/like about this first look like... Do you have an idea for the next look like...? Please tell me in my GB or in the comments!

xo♥ Lola

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