Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Found hacker and Makeup Tips.

Hello Lovely's! I Been Having trouble with Some People.
And Recently Found someone That Wanted to hack me... :(
Why me?
Yes thats what i thought exactly.
and Sorry if i havnt been writing, i just recently got back from a funeral.
but anyways lets get on with the posts. :-)
First the Person that wanted to hack me.
And Poor Her, She thinks No one will get her ....
Hmmm we all have a good amount of friends.
and i have about 5 pages... so i would love the evidence to go to sd staff.
you may think i sound so evil but do you know how kind this hacker was to send me screen shots? hmm kinda stupid in a way...!
And Now the Real stuff...
You know Yesterday's Covergirl correct? well i have found her in alot of pictures....
with a rather 50 pounds of makeup, this may make me sound really rude, and mean
but i'm not gonna lie about this, the blue would be really cute if she used only half the eye.
not the whole thing! and the blush in these pictures if ridiculous.
*cough cough clown makeup cough cough*
Sorry i dont like this makeup at all....
So i gave her a makeup and i did not include the makeup because she has like 6 pages of it.
but the makeover i did is way more professional.
I Did Professional Only because she has been covergirl , and now working towards other things

i Hope you enjoy ,...

Tip: Do not Clutter, Give a spash of color , But not like a walking rainbow/clown.
Give a bolder lip if older, or more professional , Give nude when working with bright colors.
Give red with white & black. alternate makeup and colors. Dont always look the same.
use your style not someone else's also use more then one color to look bold.

-Thats it for today and enjoy. good night :)

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  1. haha, 'cough cough clown makeup cough cough' well anyway, i agree. i like your version though:)