Saturday, April 10, 2010

Styles, Writing and More :)

Hello Everyone.
I Changed My tone of Writing cause i Heard We Lost a Writer Yesterday . :( (April )
And We have a New Follower Because of me!!! :D Her Name on Stardoll is Moonlight9809 .
I Asked her to Join/Follow us and She did :)
Soo add her.

The Dinasour Top Was Released today. Its selling for 6$ as i Said :)
Mhmmm :)
Also i Created this yesterday with all the Writers then i Had to Redo it cause April Left.

Hope you like. I Know we all have Our Personal Styles and i Tryed to Include them .
Well this is It For now : )

ALSOO: I am the Blogger / Writer of the Month :D thanks sooo Much!


  1. No, I Changed MY TONE Of Writing Cause she Left.
    I Was all Happy till i Heard That she Left.

  2. I personally totally love mine! You nailed down my personality and style!! Thanks! .)

    Martina, xxx