Thursday, April 8, 2010

Make-Over (Reenyyy)

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Today's make-over victim is Irene (reennyyy) I've just 'met' her on stardoll, two days ago. She likes to make graphics.
But here's how she looked


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I used Shayan's Idea with the 'lucious lashes' click here to see the post. Because Irene used little eyes for her medoll, it worked for both of the eyes. Irene has much fake lashes, so I can make thick lashes. Under her eye I put a lot of mouches.

The products with a circle are the used products.

Please comment and tell me what you think about this make-over.

- Lois


  1. Cuuutte :) But Why is Every Makeover In bluee?

  2. yea i noticed that too, but it's only reenyyy and hatechainmails xd

    reenyyy hasn't got much make-up, and I like to work with a dark and lighter colour from the same colour...

    and don't forget, you're make-over was with green!

  3. lois vind het leuk dat irene hem leuk vind

    eigenlijk wilde ik je haar donkerbruin laten, maar ik verfde het per ongeluk blond xd