Monday, April 19, 2010

Look Like... Pixie Geldof!

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I'm sorry that the blog is not super active :/ Martina's computer is still broken. And I've been busy with school and my friends :/

But now the real thing:

I adore the jacket! I love pied-du-poule prints. Unfortunally stardoll hasn't got a similar jacket for sale in starplaza. So I went to : shops --> starbazaar. I love it! You can find all the cheap stuff there! I bought a very good look-a-like jacket for $20,- I don't know what the original price was. Here is how I wear the look-a-like outfit:

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If you can't find this jacket in the bazaar (which is very hard to find because it's old), the red DKNY jacket is a good jacket too, click here

I also made a printscreen of the make-up:

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The products with a circle are the products I used.

Hope you guys like it ♥

- Lois

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