Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make-Over (bay_watch11)

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hello dear blog readers!

Today I do Nicole (aka Bay_Watch11) a m ake-over. Nicole is one of my best friends on stardoll and a great blogwriter!

I hope you adore it Nicole!


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I know, the hair doesn't fit perfectly... (:

I made some green smokey-eyes. I used a black eyeshadow for a shadow underneath her eye for a 'dramatic' catwalk look. The lips stayed nude, because the eyes are the real 'eyecatchers'. I used a mauve blush on her cheeks to add more shadows on her face so she looks a little bit more real (:

Please tell me what you think about this make-over in the comments n_n

xo♫ Lola

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  1. I Really Love it. When im Done with this Makeup i Will do that! ♥