Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Spring Outfit Idea's!

Hello My Lovely's :)
I Found a Little Different Way to Post My Banner. Its Easier For me.
I Just Saved the Picture and Post it there for me.

Since tomorrow is Easter ,
(Happy Early Easter)
I Created some Spring/Easter Pastel Outfits. (Cheap too!)

The First Outfit is 38$ A Lil Pricy But it Includes DKNY.
The Second Outfit is Mostly Elle. And its 23$ Pretty Cheap.
The Third Includes Olsen Boye, And its 21$ Really Good Price.
I Made these Outfits Because of Spring Flowers and Pinks :)
I Hope you Like these. 'The Third outfit i Think is Non SS ;)
And NO : I Did not Include Price of makeup. Just cause you can use Whatever makeup you want
Comment if you Like these Outfits!

Have a GREAT Easter and Don't Get sick with Candy!.

-Nicole XOXO

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