Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Holiday Look! (makeup)

Hello My lovely's Yes i'm Posting again.
This time its Makeup. Not an Outfit lol :)
i made a Bursting Makeup look For Easter,
("Maybe look like an easter egg")
lol (inside joke with lois)

Okay thats the Look it cost : 67$ ,
I used : Dorree Hair Dye (purple or lilac)
A blue eyeliner (liquid liner)
a Black Solid Liner, with a White solid Liner in the corners .
a Pink blush on the cheeks.
a bright purple shadstick in the corner of the eye. a pink on top of that.
and orange over that.
And a black mascara.
Hope ya like.
Comment. this look is NOT SERIOUS! , its just for fun! celebrating easter. :)

1 comment:

  1. bahaha
    When I saw the title I was thinking: Easteregg xd

    I love it <3 I'm going to try it out some time