Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makeover's and Decowood :)

Hello My Lovely's :)
I Have a Few things im posting today .

Do you all know "Decowood" On stardoll? Well here he is.
What a cutie .

Now to the Real Buisness lol .
I Created a Makeover on *L*o*r*i* :)
i Gave her a more Modern and Bursting Eye :) And a Nude Lip.
Yes i forgot the makeup this time i'm sorry :)

Also i created a makeover on Shayan and i forgot the makeup i used on him.
He also asked for the 5500 starpoint hair and i showed the hair and the makeup :)
hope you like

Now i think thats all for today. , Enjoy the rest of the weekand :)

Whoops Update : I Forgot one thing!

Stardoll 10$ Prepaid Cards are on Sale NOW at Target For 8$ :)
Now thats all lol enjoy the weekend