Friday, June 25, 2010

On Fire Styled Outfits

Hi, dollies!!

I apologize for a bit late post on these outfits but they popped out in the middle of my school's last week so I couldn't make a good post about them... :S But now my school is over and there are a lot of outfits in Starplaza so it's perfect time for my post!! :) Enjoy!! ;)

"On Fire with the spirit of Valentino firmly present and further inspiration from labels like Missoni and Tibi this collection is on fire with flora and fauna prints ... in shades of yellow, dark violet, blood red, and bright blue -- the rainbow of fiery shades you can see dancing inside a closely observed flame ..."

Only things I like are those dresses and HB shoes which are gorgeous!! :) Other stuff like shoes, tattoos and glasses aren't anything I would buy...
To be honest, I don't like anything from this 2 outfits except the bag, the HB necklace and both pairs of shoes. :)
I like both dresses, Chanel purse and black bracelets. Both pairs of shoes are totally ugly and that bag not only that it isn't anything special but it's super expensive... :S
Totally ugly outfits! :S Only thing I like is the tank in the second doll under that black blazer.
These outfits are actually nice. :) On the first one I adore everything (that royal blue dress is AMAZING) except the glasses and on the second one I like the platforms and I guess the dress is ok... ;)
I don't like these outfits because there are just too many prints and colors in my opinion... I guess the second dress could work but the first outfit is way over the top with colors and prints. :P I like the printed bag a lot. :)

Tell me in the comments your opinion!!

Love, Martina

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