Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi, dollies!!

Stardoll has released brand new styled outfits so that means it's time for my brand new post! :) This ones are called "Airborn Edge" styled outfits and this time Stardoll magazine didn't publish any comment regarding them. Because of that you can see the pics right away and then read what I think... ;)

I have to say I'm not that big fan of this styled outfits... Most of the accessories and some shoes are old stuff and I don't like that. :S Also, I don't like that most stuff are in some grey color, it's spring! clothes should be colorful and fun!! That's why I like that colorful dress on the last picture; it's fun and girly and with that asimetrycal upper top just looks GREAT!! :) I also like that beige look next to the dress (on the last picture): that top with ruffles is just sooo adorable and I love thise simple flats with laces. :) Only think I don't like is that HB belt... I also like the red cropped jacket (picture 2) and I guess the grey dress underneath it looks ok. :P other stuff aren't nice, at least not to me. The grey dress from the first picture doesn't have normal shape and I hate those brown shoes with black socks from the 2nd picture! :S They are really ugly! looks from picture 3 look like they are for some boring and strict maths teacher and that's not the look I want to have... :S And what's up with that ultra-sequined outfit from the 2nd picture?! :S

That's my opinion and what's yours?

Love, Martina

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